"I had a wonderful healing session with Sierra today. I think it is good to share these kinds of experiences to give some clarity to others who might be interested in giving energy and spiritual healing a try.


I will start by saying I am a healer myself. As a healer I sometimes get so bogged down with the bigness of the work I do with others and myself I have a hard time truly seeing what is blocking my own continued healing. So smartly I reach out to my healer brothers and sisters who do not have these blocks when they look at me.


I could see my problem, knew it needed help and asked for it. Sierra is able to look at all of a person, not just their body but also the energy all around them and inside of them. She can feel and see what is useful and what is blocking. She first identifies these things she sees and then helps you to see them. She feels, listens, and works just for you and your personal growth. Sierra has a lot of techniques to share with you to help you see, feel and realize your own truth. Sometimes we are just too close to it to see it....ya know? Along with helping you see it, she helps you remove negativity or blockages. She supports you during this process and you never feel alone...so honestly it feels almost effortless...at least it did for me.


I left my session feeling I could see exactly what the pattern was that I had been locked into. The pattern of unhealthy behaviors I had developed that got me stuck from personal growth on certain topics of my life. I was hurting in my heart when I entered her home...yes I was on my way to healing that hurt on my own...but Sierra helped make that healing so much smoother and clear for me. I know exactly what I need to do to move from my pain and continue on a path of loving myself and healing others. In fact as I left the pain I had brought in with me was completely gone. Clarity tends to do that.... removes confusion and pain.


I am blessed to have had a session with Sierra and look forward to another."


~ Hope, Sacramento CA



"I recently had an incredible session with Sierra Podva Energy Work all the way from Australia. Although excited, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when doing a session with Sierra from the other side of the world. We started our session over the phone and then on Skype, during our time together, she was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on in my body and draw connections and insights that I was unable to reach on my own. She is patient, kind and gentle in her approach, she has the ability to assess one’s needs and the skill to follow through and help resolve the issues that arise. Additionally, she provided me with information and a personal message that allowed me to let go of things I had been holding on to for a long time. It was an incredible experience! She is truly a woman with a gift. I highly recommend working with her."


~ Cherilyn Smith Boswell, Sydney Australia



"Had an amazing, freeing, and grounding experience today with Sierra Podva at Sierra Podva Energy Work. She pointed out things that were weighing me down and help me change perception and focus and then helped me let it go. I learned three of the hardest words ever for me to say are "I am supported" because so often I am in the "I am supportive role" This week I will Sleep, Breath and Affirm- blessings!"


~ Jillian F. Carmichael CA



"If you haven't had Sierra work on you, you are really depriving yourself. I've even brought my kids." Debbie M. Roseville CA

What an amazing experience for me to have a session with you, Sierra.  You are truly a talented healer and wise woman. The information that you were able to pick-up immediately was absolutely right on and the ideas and suggestions you presented to me have been a helpful guide to me.  The visual images that came forth for me will stay with me forever and they continue to give me such comfort.  I look forward to my next session with you.  I have recommended you to many friends and I know that they also will profit from your wisdom.  Thank you so much."


~Norma Brunsell