I have known since I was a young child that the universe is not a chaotic collision of accidents, but a gentle and intentional gathering of divine forces. It has taken time and practice for me to learn to participate in the weaving and movement of energy. All life force desires to move in a positive and connected direction, however all energy is subject to blockages and hindrances. I am able to support you in releasing and removing what doesn’t serve you.  This process is best described as Energetic Architecture, where we look at the beliefs and truths that are directing your reality, and how we can construct them to build the life that works for you.   We will use the energies of nature, divine guidance, and our own intuition to realign to your divine blueprints, so that your life can reflect your truth, authenticity and joy.



It is my highest honor and privilege to work with people on levels that are personal and intense. You will be provided a sacred space where you can release non-productive energy, and reconnect to your divine energy. Each session begins with the affirmation that ‘Only information that is for the Highest Healing and the Greatest Good may occur.’ If you would like to see more about the sessions, please see the testimonials.