When there has been a trauma, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, our energies shift in our body to protect and preserve our essential selves. This can result in physical symptoms, such as gut issues, arthritis, joint pain, vision problems, jaw tension, anxiety, depression, feeling ‘stuck’ to name a few. We work on removing the impact of the trauma, and allow the energy to flow freely. Clients often express sensations such as tingling, buzzing, heaviness, change in body temperature, tightness or lightness in the chest and throat, or have a visible release such as laughing or crying during their session.


I will often start by asking your body questions, and seeing where the gap is between the stories your mind tells and the story your body has experienced. Then I  ‘tune in,’ which is where I will gently mentally scan your body, looking for hot spots, or points of pain that are indicators of how you carry your emotional or spiritual baggage. I will often feel your symptoms in my own body, and will discuss them as they come up. Once we have completed the scan, I will go back and begin the treatment based on what was the most urgent.


Occasionally a person’s guides will participate in the sessions, or loved ones who have passed on will come forward with messages or information that needs to be relayed.


You are welcome to come in comfortable clothing and minimal jewelry. Sessions can take place in a chair or on my massage table, whichever provides the most comfort. Some pressure points may be pressed during the session, but touch is a secondary modality.



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