The Energy of Connection

imgresConfession time: This blog post has had me stumped for days. I’ve felt the feeling of what I want to write about for over a week now, and every time it comes down to putting pen to paper, or curser to word, I find a jumble of thoughts and ideas without a nucleus. And thinking, mulling, getting crabby, frustrated and fed up has only led me to one conclusion: What I want to say must be important to me. So as I’ve teased out threads and drafts and tossed ideas, I’ve realized why this particular topic has been such an ordeal- it’s because it’s huge. And I mean BIG.

What I’ve been trying to craft words for is all about the energy of connection.   And this touches on so many different levels that without breaking them down, I would end up with a book instead of a blog. So after much procrastinating, (MasterChef & Mountain Men) I have narrowed down my focus, and decided to write this blog in a series. My hope is that they will sequential feed both each other and you, and help guide you to new places, experiences, and understanding.

The first segment is strictly about what connection looks like and means, and how we go about making connections.

Firstly, we born as a supported part of an unending wave of consciousness. We are born into the particular dimension, and this particular experience for several reasons – to be of service, to learn from experience, to share joy, and to ALWAYS more deeply connect with and dissolve the lines between ourselves and divine grace.

Connection is defined as a link or a bond between people, communities, ideas and actions.   All of the personality tests in the world are designed for one reason – to help us narrow down and understand our ways of connecting, and hopefully allow us to experience connection more fully and consciously.

When we are born into our Family of Origin, we are often born into a certain set of expectations and norms. The more we accept and excel within those norms, the more connected and successful we feel with that family. This becomes a problem when your family or origin has unhealthy or untrue beliefs about how the world works, and how we are to show up to honor our place in the world, and the divine within. Don’t worry – this is the story line for a lot of people. When your body and soul realize, on a souluar and cellular level that they are connecting to an untrue story there is a rebellion. This can take the form of sickness, illness, disconnect, misbehavior, withdrawing, depression, anxiety, or addictions. When we are children, most of our rebellions are smaller and self-inflicted as we try to communicate that we don’t want to participate in this style of connection. The problem is, many people are so ego bound that they feel that a rejection of their story or their methods means a rejection of themselves, and in this way we learn from a young age to accept bullshit stories in order to remain in relationship with people who we value and count on in our lives.

As spiritual beings, we yearn for a genuine connection. Many of you have had the experience of meeting someone and finding an instant comfort or friendship. This is because you have recognized the soul within, and connected on a level beyond the story, and are ready to engage in authentic relationship.

Asking people about their family of origin during sessions is always incredibly telling, because their energy usually either surges outward in an incredibly offensive tactic, or recedes inward to an incredibly defensive position. Knowing if a person is either rejecting or protecting their core beliefs is one of the first steps in guiding them towards greater understanding. These beliefs don’t need to be rejected or protected, they simply need to be introduced to, and replaced with the true connection to divine spirit energy. This is where energy, alignment, contentment, and connection flourish.

For those of us who are stubborn (you’re looking at her!) it takes many turn of the wheel to begin to surrender outdated ideas and beliefs. It takes a concentrated effort on my part to recognize my habits and ideals, and take responsibility for how they create my reality. The moment—and I really am talking to the hour—I surrender them, my life fills with abundance in ways that I could not have foreseen or imagined.

My hope, as we progress through these posts and look more carefully at the energy of connection, is that you are able to look at what ties you, tethers you, anchors you, and frees you. My hope is that you are able to feed the parts of you that feel good, and release with joy and love the conditions you have placed on your life that are limiting.

Remember, Only Energy for Your Highest Healing and Greatest Good is Allowed!

Until next week, breathe in. Then out. Repeat.

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