Balancing Act


One of the issues that many people come and see me about is creating balance in their lives.  This balance can be between the past and the future, between their inner lives and outer projections, between their soul desires and their ability to reach for them, among other things.

I would like to share with all of you my favorite exercise to do to create balance.

Traditionally in our bodies the left side is the feminine side.  This is the side that is receptive, nurturing, intuitive, responsive compassionate and patient.   When this side is open and balanced, your feminine aspect has the ability to nurture without draining, to listen to your intuition without fear, and to be receptive of other ideas and directions without needing to influence or manipulate.


The right side of our bodies is the masculine side.  The masculine side influences the way we project ourselves, either confidently or timidly.   The right side has to do with how you are able to present your self to others.  It involves claiming your rights, making decisions, how to act responsibly, and how to logically approach your current reality.

In the center, from the crown through the tailbone, is the neutral area, the divine channel where divine spirit essence can flow freely in both directions to restore and maintain connection and balance.   This channel is where we can assist in resolving blockages that can hinder our lives.   Balancing the right and left sides allows energy to flow smoothly, and remove issues without even thinking about them, just allowing balance to be restored.

In order to do this meditation, you need to find somewhere to sit or lie down comfortably.  It can even be in your car for that moment or two before you turn the key.  Make sure that nothing on your body is crossed – feet are directly below the knees, and hands are not folded or crossing the midline.

Take 3-10 seconds to do a body scan. Quickly check in with yourself, see where you are holding tension, where your body is able to relax against your chair or bed, and where you are in any pain or discomfort.

Then, beginning with your left foot, imagine that you have an opening about the size of a silver dollar right in the center of your foot, between the arch and the ball of the foot.   Say to yourself, out loud, ‘ I only accept energy and information that is for my highest healing and the greatest good’ three times.

Visualize that opening in your foot; imagine that you are a giant straw, pulling in all clean and clear energy that will restore you.  Run this energy up your left side, and when you reach the crown, either let it flow out the crown of your head, or picture it pulling a U-turn, and flowing back down the right side of your body.   If a particular color or essence comes with you, allow it move through you and collect any negative energy and pull it away.

Often times, people experience a resistance in certain places in their body, particularly around the joint areas, hips, knees and shoulders.   If this is the case for you, don’t force the energy to flow through you, just acknowledge the blockage, and imagine that the energy is continuing to flow, despite the blockages.    It is easy to get caught up in being able to do something ‘right’ or effortlessly, but this is just a continuous practice.

I often use the imagery of water when doing this meditation, because the energy of water is both persistent and painless when confronted with obstacles.   So I invite you to picture all of this divine energy flowing into your left foot, collecting all unwanted and stagnant energy, pulling it and flushing it out of your system, and allowing it to release through the right foot.   Often you’ll feel the effects of subtle energy, and noticing your toes or fingers twitching or clenching, or slight spasms in your throat, stomach and hip area.   These are normal sensations that are associated with the release of bound energy.

Have fun with this, try to practice anywhere from 1-15 minutes a day, and please call, message or text me if you have difficulty or feel like you would like some assistance with this beginning meditation and energy connection.


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