Let’s Move Mountains

Most of you know me through the work I have done with you, or for a friend of yours. And we’ve talked about energy, and energy shifting, and how to allow energy to move you and be moved through you. Each session is such an incredible experience because we are creating healing space, and as much as my client is benefitting, I feel myself healing also.

And let me tell you, I have some shit to heal.

I worry sometimes that people will think I have this above average connection or experience that allows me to move over the surface of life, and that my guides allow me certain grace, and that I don’t suffer and struggle in the same ways. Let me set you all straight. Those people who know me well see how often I fall off the grace bandwagon – they know how often I become fearful, and judgmental and stuck and depressed and critical of myself.
I have to remind myself on a minutely, hourly, daily basis to live in the moments, to step outside of myself in order to step in to them, and that the only thing that fear or worry have ever brought is more fear or worry.

You know want to know what my biggest challenge to healing is? Being aware of how wonderful everything is all the time. My life right now is so incredibly sweet, and I make a conscious decision to celebrate that every day.

10 years ago I was living in a 1 bedroom apartment with my 2 year old daughter, making $1174 a month, and budgeting $29.12 a week for groceries. I was scared all the time. Of not being enough, not doing enough, not providing well enough: You name it, I wasn’t enough.

And I was terrified to show people how lost and scared and desperate and bad I was, so I didn’t ask for help. Also, because I was all the way underwater, I was afraid that if I opened my mouth to ask, I would drown that much more quickly. I have never been so tired, and so afraid.

But still, even in paralyzed fear, I would get incredible gifts of grace.

I met people who held me. I met people who carried me. I met people who challenged me to accept their love, and accept my worth. And I was constantly guided towards my current path, which is of course clearer in hindsight. This was not a seamless journey, and it took about 10 years to reach this point – which I consider the beginning!

The years I spent asleep were the years I was using to become strong enough to be brave. I found this quote just today, and fell into a deep and immediate love with it-

‘Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains.’ Napoleon Bonaparte.

That’s how it finally feels. I am ready to stretch, and move my mountains.
Let’s move mountains together. There is no time like the present, and there is nothing that we cannot be brave enough to do together.

Let’s heal.

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