The Energy of Connection :Part II

second chakra

In my last post, I spoke about the energy of being able to genuinely connect through our first chakra, and how having an open and available first chakra allows us stability, confidence, and foundational energy to approach life and its challenge’s with grace and availability. When our first chakra is misaligned, we often suffer from anger, depression, lack of self-confidence, and uncertainty about our rights to exist, our fundamental value. There were some ideas and meditations on how to align and balance that energy, in order to allow it to flow, and this brings us to the second chakra.

The second chakra is the chakra associated with creativity, growth, movement, sexuality and composition, passion and joy. This sacral chakra, the Svadhisthana, is represented by the color orange. The chakra is the one that I find most abused in our current culture, with its mixed messages of sexuality defining our value, the breadth of our interests valued more than the depth of our joy, and the desire to be seen as a sexual object valued more than the ability to be a sensual being, in both giving and receiving.

Too often this chakra is most associated with connecting through sexual energy, and by sexual energy, I mean the acts of sexual behavior. Flirting, touching, and intercourse are all delightful activities, but not the full scope or capabilities of this divine energy. In the United States, we are often confronted with the idea of our sexuality being a currency from a very young age. Our worth is defined by our desirability. Sadly, the energy of this chakra is so much more than this – the energy of the second chakra is the energy of creation. It is the energy that drives us, as children to write, draw, paint, sing and make believe without shame or fear. It is what makes us dance, spin, and touch! It is what drives us to create stories, relationships, music and fun. And, if the time is right, it is what we call upon to create new life. Sexuality and sensual energy are so divinely connected, and yet we are currently misunderstanding them so grandly. Sexuality is not about an end product, and release, a finishing act. Sexuality is the energy of opening and expanding yourself to new ideas and unexplored experiences in intimacy. Sensuality is using the tool of our bodies, without shame, to share this experience with others. If the energy of sexuality is the music, sensuality is the in our bodies are the instruments we need to bring it to life. This means that any creation that is born of authenticity and passion, be it a painting, a piece of music, a great book, poetry, are all born on this divine energy.

We need to bring the same mindfulness and thoughtfulness to how we apply our sexual energy, as it is in partnership with our sensual energy. Too often, we limit our creativity in the same way we limit the ways we think we are attractive. We begin to focus on creating a product that we believe will please others, not on processing the energy that enlivens and pleases ourselves. When we take passion and pride in our creation, it doesn’t matter so much what the world makes of it, because we know it was born in honesty and joy, and has a purpose in the world.

When we try to create ourselves to fit a certain mold, or create our lives to fulfill artificial criteria, then we are always asking of ourselves, ‘Am I enough? Am I doing it right? Is this good enough?’ and that fear becomes insecurity. Insecurity is the cancer of authenticity.

To help balance this chakra, all you need to do is think about something you loved doing as a child – coloring, singing, drawing, dancing, making mud pies, creating structures, building, and give yourself permission to do those things again, without a product in mind. There is no failure, there is only the experience.

Also, a meditation for each day: picture a large orange sphere, the size of salad plate encompassing your genitals and sex organs. Use this orange light to illuminate yourself from the inside out, and as you strengthen the light, imagine the light beginning to pulse, and force the light and movement upward as your body warms and relaxes. This may feel awkward and forced at first, but keep it up, just for 30 seconds – 2 minutes a day, and you will soon feel an increase in your awareness of your own creative potential.

If you have further questions, remember distance sessions are always an option, or make an appointment to see me, as clearing the blocks around this chakra can lead to so much dynamic energy and growth.